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Hertiage of legacy monuments

In Loving Memory of Marvin Fulfer 1948-2020)

family at Legacy Monuments

In 1972, Marvin Fulfer started Mountain Heritage Monument Company in Mountainair, New Mexico, while serving his mortician’s internship. He ran the business until 1991 when he handed it over to his sons in order to pursue other interests. Marvin had grandchildren who grew up watching their fathers and grandfather create thousands of memorials over the years. They worked alongside one another, making it a true family business. Two of his grandchildren, Kyler and Auron Silva took a special interest in monument creation. After graduating from college, in 2011 Kyler Silva and his wife, Ashley Garcia Silva, a registered nurse, moved to Portales to pursue careers. In 2013 Marvin Fulfer joined them in Portales.   


In 2015 Marvin, Kyler and Ashley began to put together a plan to start a monument business in Roosevelt County. In 2016 Legacy Monuments was started and Kyler’s brother Auron Silva, along with his wife, Randi Carr Silva, moved to Portales to be a part of the monument company. Another family member Rauly Puebla, a long-time resident of the Portales area and an experienced memorialist, joined the company in 2016.  


Legacy monuments is now a third generation family company.  We take great pride in our work, and in serving families in New Mexico and West Texas.

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